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Postal address: 1725. Budapest, PO Box: 254
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Bulletin of the Hungarian Friends of Minerals


All the members of our organization receive the issues of Geoda free of any charges 3 times (March, August, December) per year. We wish to make the collection of minerals easier and support the acquisition of knowledge with the help of that guide. We give a report about the new Hungarian mineral species, the lately discovered localities, and also the possible modifications regarding the owners and/or addresses of private mines and quarries. People can find useful information about the conditions of formations of certain mineral groups, their characteristic, and also the possible scientific investigations which can be done at home as well. Besides the abstracts of interesting articles appeared in international scientific literature of repute, exciting reports of our members and local mineral clubs can be read, too.

The Geoda is sent to all of our members, but there are no other ways of distribution.

The Geoda is edited by the Editorial Board and revised by the President of HFM.

Editorial Board

Name Area Mineral clubs E-mail/City
Béla Fehér
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István Horváth World Békéscsaba, Kecskemét, Szeged send message
Viktor Jáger North Hungary and Great Hungarian Plain Miskolc, Nyíregyháza send message
Lajos Kövecses-Varga Carpathians
send message
Regina Körmendy Budapest Budapest send message
Zsolt Mozgai Transdanubia Székesfehérvár, Szombathely send message

All the related articles, news and reflections are appreciated!

Postal address:Magyar Minerofil Társaság
3525 Miskolc, Kossuth u. 13.

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