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Postal address: 1725. Budapest, PO Box: 254
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Adam Kriska
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Hungarian Friends of Minerals

Our main aims are to popularize the mineralogy, to diffuse knowledge related to minerals and geology, to give scientific lectures for the general public in these areas, to realize the most possible mineralogical survey of Hungary, to keep and protect the morals of mineral collection, to safeguard the interests of mineral collectors.

Next Mineral show in Hungary

Date17 February, 2019
Name of mineral showPalotai Ásványbörze
Place Csokonai Művelődési Ház
AddressH-1153 Budapest, Eötvös utca 64-66. (Hungary)
Closing date for registering31 January, 2019
Contact personSz. Urbán Szilvia
InstituteCsokonai Kulturális Központ
Phone+36 (1) 307-7285, (1) 307-6191
Fax+36 (1) 271-0928
Emailsend message...
Web sitewww.csokonaiksk.hu

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